Trust & Quality

Seller’s Reputation

VerifiedLancer system has made it easy for buyers to choose from sellers with good reputation. Seller gets to the state of being held in high esteem and honour through how professionally s/he handles a job. Not only that, ratings and comments from previous served clients are all essential for seller’s reputation and a buyer must consider all these before initiating a deal with a seller.

Easy Communication

Our secured chat feature makes it so easy to communicate with one another to make sure both the buyer and the seller are always staying in touch at all stages in a transaction. Files can be exchanged via our chat system. No third party can get access to whatever information exchanged during a chat.

Manage Disputation

There’ll be time when unfavourable issues may surface between a buyer and a seller though its very rare. Even when the Job hasn’t been completed, Mrs. B can “quit” while Mr. A can “close” the Job. Of course, they will have to explain the reason behind these actions. The panel of VerifiedLancer then will play a role to settle the issue between a buyer and a seller without any partiality.

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